AFRICA SECURITY SOLUTIONS was formed for the purpose of supplying an up-market security service to Embassies, Financial Institutions, Shopping Centres, Estates and other clients.
We foresee the need to focus our efforts and energy on achieving excellence in customer service, but at the same time giving value for money.
AFRICA SECURITY SOLUTIONS believes that every security officer represents the management of the company, and we believe in keeping our people motivated with ample opportunities.
We believe a motivated security officer will always give his/her best for our clients. We shall encourage personal growth in our employees through training and development in order to provide a professional service.
We employ only of the best security officers we can find, groom them to our standards and make sure they develop into well-trained, professional persons.

In order to provide maximum service, AFRICA SECURITY SOLUTIONS has established a strong management structure. Our management has many years of experience in all the disciplines of security as well as VIP protection.
Any operational problems will receive management's immediate attention and will be investigated promptly with immediate feedback.
There is always a manager on duty 24 hours a day and sites will be visited by management on a regular basis.
Each site is discussed in a daily meeting and customer liaison officers visit and phone our clients regularly.

If ever the time is right in the light of the current political climate in South Africa its now. Time has come to act and stop talking about issues. People are tired of Politicians making promises and for political parties to talk about issues and not going into action.
With this proposal we would like to go into action and not talk about issues as important as Social upliftment and skills development. However we cannot make this happen without the help and support of yourself, after all this is a combined initiative that is to the benefit of the community. Let us stand together and make a change that lasts and leave a legacy behind for generations to come.

AFRICA SECURITY SOLUTIONS Officers receive special training in:
AFRICA SECURITY SOLUTIONS supplies only registered PSIRA Security officers. These security officers are trained and registered at the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa and authorized to work in the security industry on their registered grade.

Our Major Service Objectives
  • Dependable security service
  • Risk analysis and investigation of losses and incidents
  • Pro-active prevention of losses due to the implementation of effective systems and procedures Minimize the possible impact of losses
  • Recovery of losses due to effective investigations and crime intelligence

It is with great pride that we announce that Africa Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd. was presented with no less than two (2) awards from the SACSC, at a prize giving ceremony held on 23 November 2006.